MasterSplitter 4.1

Splits locally stored files into multiple fragments
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TomaSoft Corporation
Divides large files into smaller pieces making them easier to share via e-mail. The tool also joins the pieces back together and includes several options such as the ability to determine the maximum size each fragment should have and the capability to automatically delete the original file after the process is completed.

MasterSplitter is an application that allows you to cut files in several parts. Applications like this were extremely popular when the floppies where the storing media of choice. Back then, with a only a megabyte and a half in size, those discs could only hold so much data. So it was necessary to split the data to fit those discs. Now, the problem is mainly with e-mail providers that don't allow messages over 10 megabytes to go out. There are other ways to go around this problem, but splitting a file is always one of them. With MasterSplitter, you simply select a file, load it up to the application and decide how you are going to want to cut it. You can cut the file to a certain size, or you can decide to automatically cut it in half. Either way, the process is really fast. Since there isn't any compression involved. You are just cutting the files. Those files will have to be reassembled when they get to their destination. You will need MasterSplitter on the target machine as well to put the files together.

José Fernández
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